Types of Life Insurance

Does Clark Howard Really Give Bad Advice About Life Insurance?

When I started in the insurance business 13 years ago, I heard a few experienced agents mention Clark Howard and why I should learn to overcome the “Clark Howard objection”.  In case you’re not aware of this, Clark Howard is a consumer advocate who has a very popular radio show.  He is well known in Atlanta and his popularity has grown considerably over the years — in Georgia and all across the nation.

The company I worked for taught new agents to promote variable universal life insurance (permanent insurance) as a way to solve all our clients’

Return of Premium Term Life Insurance — Pros and Cons

I am often asked my opinion of Return of Premium life insurance — ROP for short.  Like most products on the market, ROP can make sense for some and not for others.  When ROP products were first offered several years ago, I heard Clark Howard offer his opinion on the product and I was a little suprised by what he had to say.  He said that it was a good move for those people who are very diligent about paying their premiums on time and plan to keep the policy for the full term period. 

Term Life or Whole Life Insurance?

Two Categories of Life Insurance

Most people make the distinction between two major types of life insurance as Term and Whole Life, but the more accurate terms are: Term and Permanent life insurance. Those are the two broad categories of life insurance; whole life is just one type of permanent life insurance.  Sometimes “whole life” and “permanent life” are used interchangeably.  With the advent of several unique product designs in the past 10 or 15 years,