Free Prescription Drug Cards in Georgia


Most people have a major medical plan with prescription drug coverage.  So, why would someone want a free Rx card?  Well, it is becoming more common for insurance companies to exclude coverage for pre-existing conditions.  When this happens, the carrier won’t cover any doctor visits or drugs related to the pre-existing condition(s).  A lot of money can be saved by someone who has a discount Rx card in this situation. 

If someone does not have any major medical coverage, then a discount card for Rx is essential.   There are also very inexpensive discount medical cards.  So, if someone needs surgery or is hospitalized, the savings can be substantial.

Even for those who have a good major medical policy, a free discount Rx card may prove quite useful for the following reasons:  Another negative trend in health insurance is that carriers are changing their drug formularies for the worse.  Some expensive medications are no longer covered by some major carriers.  Also, there are numerous “value” plans offered by carriers for both individual and group coverage that only offer drug coverage for generics — not brand-name drugs.  This is another instance where a Rx discount card would be helpful. 

One of the more popular free discount Rx cards is offered by UNA Rx Card.  This card is recommended
by Medicare and a lot of legitimate organizations.  Over 50,000 pharmacies participate.
You can create/print your card and check drug prices at

I carry a vision and drug discount card in my wallet.  I printed it and then covered it with cellophane tape. The card takes up very little room and it’s nice to have available — just in case.  Of course, that is what insurance is all about.

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