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Free Prescription Drug Cards in Georgia

Most people have a major medical plan with prescription drug coverage.  So, why would someone want a free Rx card?  Well, it is becoming more common for insurance companies to exclude coverage for pre-existing conditions.  When this happens, the carrier won’t cover any doctor visits or drugs related to the pre-existing condition(s).  A lot of money can be saved by someone who has a discount Rx card in this situation. 

If someone does not have any major medical coverage,

Insurance “Red Flags” — Buying Health Insurance Online

Recently, I helped a couple in their 60’s navigate through the maze of health insurance options.  They are currently on COBRA, but they are moving to Alabama shortly (from Atlanta).   After  their COBRA coverage expires, they will still have a couple of years before they are eligible for Medicare.  A couple of fairly serious pre-existing conditions will make it challenging to find adequate coverage in the individual market.  So, I helped them determine what options they would have for State-Guaranteed Coverage in case it would be needed.