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Best Dental and Vision Insurance Plan We Have Found

Best Dental and Vision Insurance Plan We Have Found

This article is intended for people who do not have access to an employer-sponsored (or group) plan. We offer group dental plans, but this article is geared towards individuals and families who need to purchase their own coverage.

I’m always on the lookout for the best plans available. Occasionally, I see a new plan marketed with “great benefits” or “no waiting periods for major dental work

Finding The Best Dental Plan

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Finding a good personal dental plan can be as painful as a root canal! If you do a search online, you will encounter dozens of websites that promote numerous dental plans – and it’s difficult to know which plans are good and which ones are not. Most people get confused and decide to go with a carrier with whom they are familiar – but that can be a big mistake. The best carriers for health insurance sometimes offer very weak dental insurance plans.

Dental Insurance Plans in Georgia

Earlier this year, I raved about a new dental plan in Georgia that offers excellent coverage.  The most significant feature of this plan is that there are no waiting periods (for non-group coverage). This plan is still going strong and I highly recommend it for many folks who have a need for immediate dental work. For more info on this plan, see my previous post.

Most plans will make you wait at least 12 months before they pay anything towards “major”