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Get the Preferred BEST Life Insurance Rate with Total Cholesterol of 300

Many people have high cholesterol levels, which can increase their risk for heart disease and strokes.   Life insurance underwriters have traditionally been unwilling to consider offering the best rates to people with high cholesterol readings.

I have had numerous clients with total cholesterol readings well above 220 (the highest acceptable level for many carriers).  Many of these clients were advised by their doctors or healthcare practioners to lower their cholesterol by diet and exercise.   They were cautioned about the potential negative side effects of cholesterol lowering medication in many cases. 

Have You Been Declined for Health Insurance in Georgia?

Recently, I posted some information about the new Federal High Risk Pool.  At the time,  there wasn’t a lot of detailed information available on the government site, especially concerning rates.  Well, now the rates have been published.    Rather than parphrase what has already been written, I am providing excerpts of a letter that was sent to agents from a general insurance agency:

The Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan was created to make health insurance available for those that have a problem getting insurance due to a pre-existing condition.

Federal High Risk Pool — Now Available in Georgia

Over the past couple of months, several people have asked me about the new Federal High Risk Pool that was created by the new health care reform law.  For people in Georgia who have been declined coverage in the individual market and can’t qualify for the Georgia Assignment System or Enhanced Conversion option (after COBRA is exhausted), this was great news.   For someone with significant pre-existing health conditions who has been declined coverage or had certain conditions excluded, this new option could be a life saver …

Another Happy Client …

Two weeks ago, I received a call from a financial advisor (CFP) who I knew during my early years in the business.  She had heard through other advisors that I was the “go to guy” for health insurance and medicare related questions. 

 This advisor had been working with a medical doctor, attempting to help her with her health insurance needs.  After spending some time preparing quotes and discussing benefits, she realized that her client needed special attention.  Like many financial advisors,

Doctors often recommend unnecessary procedures

It’s termed “defensive medicine” and doctors admit to practicing medicine in this fashion.  The main reason for this style of practice is due to medical malpractice suits. 

According to an article in Newsweek , “physicians estimate that 35 percent of diagnostic tests they ordered were to avoid lawsuits, as were 19 percent of hospitalizations, 14 percent of prescriptions, and eight percent of surgeries, which amounts to some “$650 billion in unnecessary care every year.” 

The health care reform legislation didn’t address tort reform,

Buying Coverage from “Top-tier” Carriers

I received word today that one of the health insurance carriers in Georgia has failed. The company – Imerica – offered very low rates and comprehensive coverage, but it had very weak financials.  It is expected that Imerica will be liquidated within the next 30 days.

As an independent agent, I received several offers to represent Imerica, but I decided not to do it.  I only purchase insurance from “top-tier” carriers and that is what I advise my clients to do as well.  

Can I Buy Health Insurance if I am not a U.S. Citizen?

Health insurance carriers will offer coverage to those who are not U.S. citizens, but most of them require residency in the U.S. for a certain period of time.  The most common requirement is 6 months of living in the U.S.  

Carriers will often require proof such as rent or mortgage payments, utility payments or employment.   A few carriers require one year of residency in the U.S and one carrier (Humana) requires two years.  Suprisingly, there is only one carrier that does not require a minimum period of residency. 

Vision Insurance: The Importance of Children’s Eye Exams

Most parents understand the importance of dental health and hygiene for children, but they often neglect the importance of vision health.  

A recent News Flash from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia highlighted this overlooked aspect of children’s health.  The following excerpt demonstrates the importance of vision exams:

“According to the Vision in Preschoolers Study, the National Institutes of Health, the National Eye Institute and NEI Clinical Studies, vision problems are the fourth most common disability in the United States,

Health Care Reform — How will it affect you?

Well, it finally passed.  Whether or not you are pleased with the results, it is time to pay close attention to how to adapt to the changes that will take place.

Most of the major changes will not be implemented until 2014, however, there are some significant changes that take place this year.  If you are a small business owner, with fewer than 50 employees, then you should speak with your tax professional about how the new tax credits will affect you. 

Insurance “Red Flags” — Buying Health Insurance Online

Recently, I helped a couple in their 60’s navigate through the maze of health insurance options.  They are currently on COBRA, but they are moving to Alabama shortly (from Atlanta).   After  their COBRA coverage expires, they will still have a couple of years before they are eligible for Medicare.  A couple of fairly serious pre-existing conditions will make it challenging to find adequate coverage in the individual market.  So, I helped them determine what options they would have for State-Guaranteed Coverage in case it would be needed.