Good Article about the New Medicare Open Enrollment Window

If you have a Medicare Supplement plan (also knows as Medigap), then you can switch plans anytime of year.   Many people mistakenly believe they can only switch Medigap plans or carriers during the Annual Election Period (from October 15 to December 7 each year).

The Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) is the time of year to switch (if it makes sense) to a new Prescription Drug Plan or Medicare Advantage plan.

How to find an independent insurance agent. It's now always what you think!

How to Find a Good, Independent Insurance Agent

You might think that working with an experienced, independent agent is your best option when shopping for insurance.  Whether it’s life insurance or Medicare insurance, an independent agent should shop the market for you and help you find the best coverage.  However, there are some important items to consider when looking for an independent health, Medicare or life insurance agent.

Incentives to Place Business with Certain Carriers

It’s not surprising that insurance companies provide agents with incentive for selling their products.  

Georgia Hospitals Graded on Safety: Northside Hospital ‘A’, Piedmont Hospital ‘D’

A recent article by Georgia Health News reports on the patient safety ratings for Georgia hospitals. According to the article, the intent of the hospital safety report is to aid consumers in their selection of hospitals based on a very important measure of care: “the ability of hospitals to prevent errors, injuries and infections.”  They should have added “deaths” to the list.

The article cites a statistic that is quite alarming: “More than 1000 people die each day in the United States because of preventable hospital errors”

Always Ask About The Cash Discount

The amount of money that can be saved by paying cash (instead of using your health insurance) can be astounding in many instances.  It is important to do your research and find out how much a test, procedure or surgery will cost.   Although there has been a lot of positive movement in the area of “cost transparency”, it is still not easy to shop for health care.  In a recent article published in the L.A. Times, it was discovered that the cash price for a C.T.

Free Prescription Drug Cards in Georgia

Most people have a major medical plan with prescription drug coverage.  So, why would someone want a free Rx card?  Well, it is becoming more common for insurance companies to exclude coverage for pre-existing conditions.  When this happens, the carrier won’t cover any doctor visits or drugs related to the pre-existing condition(s).  A lot of money can be saved by someone who has a discount Rx card in this situation. 

If someone does not have any major medical coverage,

Never Pay More than $100 for Accidents and Injuries

As most people have discovered, a trip to the Emergency Room can be very expensive.  However, in a true emergency, most people don’t worry about the cost.  Insurance companies do worry about the cost and they discourage policyholders from going to the ER for anything other than a real emergency.  As a result,  copays are much lower for trips to an urgent care facility.   Many carriers are now charging copays from $250 to $500 for an ER visit.  The copay for a trip to an urgent care facility is closer to $75.

Business Chronicle


Peachtree Insurance Advisors president Greg Sanders was featured in the Strategies: Ideas for Growing Business section of the March 14-20, 2008 Atlanta Business Chronicle.  The article, "Communication leads to best health insurance," by Deborah Held Maslia and Tom Brinkmoeller discusses the recent trends in employee benefits.

"While it’s long been know that health insurance benefits are a tool for attracting and retaining employees, today’s business owner is shifting this strategy,

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