Best and Worst Rated Hospitals in Georgia — a New Report

Consumer Reports rated hospitals across the nation and the results were somewhat surprising.  You can read an article about this report here.  As a subscriber to Consumer Reports, I checked out the results for Georgia and didn’t find any shocking news.  However, I am mostly familiar with the hospitals in the metro Atlanta area, not other parts of Georgia.

This report is significant because there really isn’t a lot of data available to compare hospitals.  As the article notes, there is disagreement as to the accuracy and reliability of the ratings.  Even so, this is a great effort and I think it provides some valuable information. Keep in mind, the report isn’t complete, as many hospitals in Georgia and other states have not yet been rated.

Not surprisingly, Grady Memorial Hospital has the second lowest overall score of 27.  The lowest rated hospital is East Georgia Regional Medical Center in Statesboro, GA.

The top rated hospital is St. Mary’s Healthcare System in Athens, GA with a score of 71.  There was only one hospital in Atlanta rated in the top 10 — St. Joseph’s Hospital of Atlanta.  St. Joseph’s holds the #9 ranking with a score of 57.

Selecting the right hospital can be very important.  It is equally important to choose a health insurance plan that includes the best hospital(s) in your area.   Experts project that we will see a “narrowing down” of networks after Jan. 1. as a result of the Affordable Care Act. So, make sure you continue to check your provider network and find out which hospitals are considered “in-network”.

If you want more information about the Consumer Reports ratings (and you’re not a subscriber), then let me know and I’ll gladly share the info with you.

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