Medicare and Prior Authorization – What You Need to Know

The purpose of this article is to explain how Prior Authorization works with Medicare. This is an important subject because the prior authorization process can factor into your decision about which type of Medicare plan you choose. Additionally, if you enroll in a plan that requires prior authorization, then it is vital to know how the process works, especially if your request is denied.

What is Prior Authorization?

Prior Authorization is a required process used by many health insurance carriers as a way to determine if they will cover a prescribed service,

Paying for Medicare Part B

Paying for Medicare Part B

If you’re new to Medicare, but are not yet receiving Social Security benefits, then you might want an easy way to pay your Medicare Part B premium.

If you are receiving Social Security benefits, then you will most likely select to have your Part B premium deducted from your monthly check. I highly recommend this payment method. However, if you are not yet receiving benefits, then most people will pay for Part B by quarterly direct billing.

For some people,

Two Medicare Enrollment Surprises to Consider

Two Medicare Enrollment Surprises to Consider

If you are in the process of researching your Medicare plan options, you have probably discovered there is a lot to learn. Some refer to the process as the Medicare Maze.

It’s not just a matter of deciding on the best plan options, but all the rules to follow and penalties to avoid.

You might have found us because you realize you need guidance from an expert.  You’re not alone!

This article will address two Medicare issues that many fail to consider.