High Deductible Health Plans / Tools You Can Use

The trend towards higher deductible health plans has been forced upon us. With extremely high rate increases, employers and individuals have turned towards high deductible health plans as a way to mitigate costs.

I read an article today in Consumer Reports that provides statistics to show this trend is growing rapidly. However, the real take-away is at the bottom of the article in the “What You Should Do” section. This section references two helpful websites that allow consumers to compare prices for healthcare. Price transparency has been a huge (and often overlooked) factor in the rising costs of healthcare. When providers know consumers are shopping and comparing, they tend to lower their prices – just like any other market.

Policyholders with high deductible plans have skin in the game and want the best value. This doesn’t mean they will go to the cheapest doctor, because we all know how important it is to find a reputable doctor. I’ve written about these online tools in other posts. This means consumers will more likey make smart decisions.

Two of the sites mentioned are: https://healthcarebluebook.com and www.guroo.com

Consumers armed with this information will make smart choices, save money and help towards driving down the cost of healthcare!

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