Instant Term Life Insurance Quotes — Is Quicker Always Better?


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When purchasing life insurance, it is important to determine what is important to you.  In today’s  fast-paced world, we place a high value on time management and efficiency.  If we have a choice of shopping online for a gift or visiting several brick and mortar stores, we quickly see the benefit of the Internet.  However, when shopping for life insurance, getting things done as quickly as possible isn’t always the best policy. 

One of the popular mega-sites offering life insurance received the following review from U.S. News and World Report: “Enter the virtual agent.  This solution has value for those who value immediacy and privacy.” 

Yes, getting immediate quotes is valuable.  We like to shop the market and compare premiums.  Our site has quoting software that shows instant rates for over 120 companies and is continually updated (  Our quoting engine is as good or better than any you will find on the Web.  So, the value of “immediacy” can be great when shopping for coverage.   However, when applying for coverage, quickness can often result in problems down the road.

When you call our office, I can’t promise that you will speak to a representative immediately when you call late in the evening.  I do promise you will speak to an experienced, knowledgeable agent who will ask the right questions and advise you properly. 

So, immediacy has it’s place, but when it comes to purchasing life insurance, it makes more sense to take some time to ensure you are making the best decision.  After all,you will be paying premiums for many years to come.

Of course, your information is always strictly confidential.  Some folks would rather not disclose personal health history to their brother-in-law who also sells life insurance.   In circumstances like that, purchasing life insurance in a more private manner is usually preferable.  But always make sure you’re dealing with someone who has a has a solid reputation.  Placing a high value on trustworthiness, dependability, and expertise is essential when working with a life insurance agent.   678-236-1600