Life Insurance Costs Three Times Less Than Most People Think

Unlike most products, life insurance is surprisingly inexpensive for most people.  I hate to see young people postpone buying life insurance until they can afford a “decent” amount.  The most important time to buy life insurance is when parents have young children.  It is very affordable to buy just a 15-year term for $500,000 for each spouse.  You can always upgrade by purchasing a longer term policy and/or a higher face amount at a later time.

I have personally witnessed two fairly young people put off buying life insurance.  One of the stories is tragic — the young husband and father was killed in a car accident.  I don’t  think he ever purchased a policy, but I sure hope he did.  When we met, he was newly married and didn’t think he needed to spend money on life insurance since they had so many other expenses. I understand why people think that way.  It’s hard to support a family, especially with all the pressures young parents face.

Buying life insurance is really one of the most selfless things a person can do. Most of us don’t think that way, and I hate to bring up the “emotional” element of insurance, but it’s my job to remind people, especially when they’re just crunching numbers — that this purchase is truly protecting your loved ones.

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