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Life Insurance Costs Three Times Less Than Most People Think

Unlike most products, life insurance is surprisingly inexpensive for most people.  I hate to see young people postpone buying life insurance until they can afford a “decent” amount.  The most important time to buy life insurance is when parents have young children.  It is very affordable to buy just a 15-year term for $500,000 for each spouse.  You can always upgrade by purchasing a longer term policy and/or a higher face amount at a later time.

I have personally witnessed two fairly young people put off buying life insurance.  

The Right Way to Get Quotes and Apply for Life Insurance

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I received an email from a client last year asking me to contact his investment advisor. My client’s investment advisor had referred him to another life insurance agent, but the rates he received were not the same as the rates I quoted him. Below is an excerpt from the email (I was copied on the email).

“Tim,  Greg Sanders is the agent I have been using and his rates seem a little better than Tony’s….Greg has been very responsive and professional in my dealings with him…..always good to have options …