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Return of Premium Term Life Insurance — Pros and Cons

I am often asked my opinion of Return of Premium life insurance — ROP for short.  Like most products on the market, ROP can make sense for some and not for others.  When ROP products were first offered several years ago, I heard Clark Howard offer his opinion on the product and I was a little suprised by what he had to say.  He said that it was a good move for those people who are very diligent about paying their premiums on time and plan to keep the policy for the full term period. 

Instant Term Life Insurance Quotes — Is Quicker Always Better?

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When purchasing life insurance, it is important to determine what is important to you.  In today’s  fast-paced world, we place a high value on time management and efficiency.  If we have a choice of shopping online for a gift or visiting several brick and mortar stores, we quickly see the benefit of the Internet.  However, when shopping for life insurance, getting things done as quickly as possible isn’t always the best policy. 

One of the popular mega-sites offering life insurance received the following review from U.S.

Should I Buy Life Insurance Online? Yes…and No.

Generally speaking, people are comfortable shopping online for most items.  The Internet is a great tool for gathering information and advice prior to making a purchase — and this especially holds true for life insurance.  There are numerous sites online that provide instant quotes and solid, basic information about life insurance.  Some sites are more “salesy” than others, but it doesn’t take long to sift out those sites and focus on the ones that are professional and helpful.

The popular mega-sites have call centers that make it very easy to ask questions and apply for coverage.